Coventry Canal

In 1768 an act was passed by Parliament authorizing the the construction of the Coventry Canal. The Coventry Canal starts it's journey north in the basin close to the city center and just outside the cities ring road. The canal runs north for 38 miles and through 13 locks, until it meets the Trent & Mersey Canal at Fradley Junction. The Canal remained profitable right up to 1947 when it was nationalized and it continued to carry commercial traffic north to Nuneaton until the 1960's.

Today the Coventry Canal is a very popular route for pleasure craft. linking the Oxford Canal, the Ashby Canal, the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal and the Trent & Mersey Canal it figures into the plans of many a holiday. It's meeting with the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction is one of the system's most popular spots and Fradley Junction where the Coventry Canal meets the Trent & Mersey Canal is beautiful and photogenic and it's said to be one of the most photographed spot on the entire network.

We have broken up our map of the Coventry Canal into two sections; Coventry to Polesworth (the Southern Section) and Polesworth to Fradley Junction (the Northern Section. This allows us to provide a more detailed and useful map. To navigate to the maps you can use the menu to the left, click the buttons below or click on the hyperlinks in the text above.


Boat Length: 72'

Boat Width: (Beam) 7'

Headroom: 6'6"

Coventry Canal
light rain
humidity: 93%
wind: 2m/s S
H 6 • L 6

Fradley Junction to Polesworth


Polesworth to Coventry

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